no gym, no problem

20,000 crunches ….. hello 30 mins abs

Has the lockdown impacted your work out routine? Maybe you eat right, work out at home and you just need a kickstart back into a routine.

Attention all men and women! Did you know there is a non-invasive way to quickly build strength and muscle tone on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs with EMsculpt, no surgery or downtime required? No longer do we need to go to the gym to be in the best shape of our lives!

How does this benefit me? No matter how many squats or sit-ups we rep to build those muscles or that core strength we have always wanted to achieve but can’t achieve, with EMsculpt we can blast that fat away, while toning at the same time! No gym clothes required! 

What sets EMsculpt apart from other fat-removal procedures? Unlike other body contouring treatments that only freeze away and/or kill off fat cells. EMsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the deep supramaximal muscles to contract muscles at an intense rate that we cannot achieve in a regular work out – it triggers muscle movement that you can’t do on your own. I promise you, you can’t buy this on amazon!

How can it help me? Am I a candidate? EMsculpt can benefit both men and women of all ages. Is your life hectic and have no time to work out? Do you suffer from back pain and find it difficult to build strength and work out your core?  Do you struggle with building muscle? Are you a new mom looking to strengthen your core and pelvic floor? Are you looking to tone up for the beach? Looking to achieve a New Years Resolution? Gain confidence? Or to just feel overall stronger and healthier? If you answered yes to any of these, EMsculpt may be the treatment for you. A complimentary consultation with one of our trained experts will ensure you are an ideal candidate for EMsculpt.

The best candidates for EMsculpt are both men and women who want to supplement their workouts with the powerful results of electromagnetic technology. Patients should be in good health, near their goal weight, and should have realistic expectations for the procedure.

EMsculpt is a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss procedure and patients who are overweight are unlikely to see optimal results from one treatment series.

Relatively fit or reasonably healthy patients who want to tone trouble areas make great EMsculpt candidates.

EMsculpt can be a wonderful way to hold yourself accountable and kickstart a much healthier lifestyle, but candidates are ideally within about 20 lbs. of their target weight before beginning treatment. 

Who loves EMsculpt? We sure do! Just like Drew Barrymore!

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