Dr. Al-Saadon

Dr K. Al-Saadon is an internist practicing in cardiology. Dr. Al-Saadon is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Al-Saadon has practiced in Sarnia since 2013. He completed his post graduate studies for internal medicine at the University of Ottawa, he then successfully completed a cardiology fellowship training in Interventional Cardiology at the Ottawa Heart Institute being capable of performing angioplasties and coronary stent implantation. Furthermore, he accomplished a second cardiology fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology Studies at Calgary University in which he performed pacemaker implantations and defibrillator implantations and analysis. He most recently practiced in Cornwall, Ontario before moving to Sarnia. Dr. Al-Saadon is also a fellow graduate of American Anti-Aging Academy, trained at the Ageless Institute in Florida under the supervision of Dr. Sharon McQuillan and Dr. Denise Baker. Since 2014 Dr. Al-Saadon has attended several conferences and participated in hands on workshops designed by the American Anti-Aging Academy. One of Dr. Al-Saadon’s goals for the Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic is to acquire state of art technologies for rejuvenated medicine that can be used for the skin care, hair transplant and other treatments. Dr. Al-Saadon’s mission is to give treatment options to clients such as non-surgical fat reductions, skin tightness and body sculpting. His passion resides with healing yourself from within with treatments such as Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Also newly trained in our new treatment for female and male wellness, O-Shot & P-Shot.

Chantel - RPN

Meet Chantal, she is one of our highly qualified nurses here at Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic! She is very passionate about skincare! She is also successfully trained in all of our state-of the art equipment and procedures like Coolsculpting, Botox/Xeomin, Vitamin Drip, Venus Bliss, Emsculpt, Emtone and Vanquish. She is always eager to continue her education and can light up a room with her positive energy! Chantal has been an outstanding RPN for 10 years working in Ambulatory Care and the Surgical Unit at Bluewater Health.

Kait - Executive Office Assistant

Meet Kait, she is the first smile you see when entering the clinic. She is the voice behind the phone setting up appointments for you, as well as answering any questions you may have! Kait’s background is in Human Resources, with previously working at CF Industries and getting her diploma at Lambton College. Kait was also a previous Dance Instructor. Her infectious smile and personality will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Give her a hello the next time you're in!

Vivian - Office Manager

Meet Vivian. The woman behind it all! Vivian is the office manager of both Dr. Al-Saadons offices; Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic and Sarnia Cardiac Diagnostic Services. She has been working with Dr. Al-Saadon since 2013 and is the founder of the two successful businesses. Vivian is the jack of all trades, always willing to help a solve any situation that may arise. If she’s not busy working, she is spending time with her loved ones. Vivian has always had a passion for photography, which has led her to enroll in Lambton College’s Photography program as her new adventure.

Kim - RN

Meet Kim, she is Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic’s founding nurse working with us since 2015. Kim is extremely skilled and her knowledge goes above and beyond cosmetics procedures. Kim has been performing advanced treatments such as PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) while assisting Dr. Al-Saadon on Stem Cell technology and now training for our new O-SHOT and P-SHOT treatments. Botox/Xeomin, fillers and body contouring are also some treatments Kim is highly trained on. Bluewater Health is also lucky to have such a talented nurse serving Sarnia Lambton for 28 years! Kim is well known for enthusiastic spirit and caring values to always make the patients feel their absolute best and achieve their goals.

Darby - Medical Aesthetician

Meet Darby, she brings a bubbly personality to the team. Darby has been part of Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic since 2018. She has been in the aesthetics industry for quite some time with a diploma from Lambton College. With many years in the beauty industry and on going education she is highly trained in all aspects of what we have to offer. She is one of our primary skincare consultants at the clinic with dedication to helping her patients get the results they’ve always dreamed of!

Micayla - Medical Aesthetician/Office Assistant

Meet Micayla, she is our newest addition to Sarnia Anti- Aging Clinic and we are extremely thankful to have her on board. She is bright in every way with 9 years of experience in the beauty industry and is currently enrolled at Seneca in the program of Hospital Nursing Unit Clerk. Micayla has been successfully trained on Coolsculpting, Venus Bliss, Emsculpt, Emtone and Vanquish and Aesthetics. She is always eager to continue her education. Micayla’s determination and passion for her job will take her long ways.