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Botox Sarnia

Botox in Sarnia cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet- the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Dr. Al-Saadon or our RN will inject the muscles to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and the frown lines between your brows.
Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It’s not just about cellular changes that can occur over time, reduction of collagen, or damage caused by free radicals in the sun and the environment. When you frown or concentrate, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. And when you squint, the muscles around your eyes contract and cause crow’s feet.
Botox cosmetic works beneath the skin’s surface and targets the underlying muscle activity that causes frown lines and crow’s feet.

What is Botox® Cosmetic?

Botox® has been used therapeutically for more than 17 years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It is approved in more than 75 countries and remains the most-studied botulinum toxin and one of the most widely researched medicines in the world. In 2002, the same formulation – under the label Botox® Cosmetic – was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65.

Are there other products besides Botox® Cosmetic?

Presently there are (2) other FDA Approved products that work equally well and use the same Botulinum Toxin-A with the same results and indications for treatment.  Xeomin® is identical to the Allergan Botox® but does not contain the neurotoxin protein associated with the Botox® molecule. Patients see the same results and there are financial incentives for patients for continued treatments with Xeomin®.

Dysport® is another product we offer that offers the same results and indications for treatment, it is the same neurotoxin protein delivered in a smaller molecular size which may allow for results to seen sooner in some patients.  The effectiveness of all (3) FDA Approved products are equal in every way from duration of treatment, areas for injection, aesthetic and medical conditions indicated for, and patient satisfaction associated with the treatments.

At Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic we offer all (3) FDA Approved products and can help you decide which may be more suitable for you.

What causes frown lines between the brows?

The lines that appear between your brows actually result from muscle movement and the passage of time. When powerful muscles between the brows contract, they draw the brows together, causing the skin to fold or furrow. As skin becomes less elastic with age, those folds or furrows result in stubborn lines.

How does Botox® Cosmetic work?

During treatment, very low doses of Botox® Cosmetic are administered via a few tiny injections directly into the muscles responsible for frown lines between the brows. By blocking the release of a chemical that causes these muscles to contract, Botox® Cosmetic enables them to relax. The effects are very localized and, when administered by an experienced physician, do not affect your ability to smile, laugh, or otherwise show expression. Botox® Cosmetic is the only product of its kind that has been approved for use in this area.

What are the botox treatment common side effects?

The most common side effects following injection include temporary eyelid droop and nausea.

What is the treatment like?

botox_cosmeticBotox® Cosmetic is a quick and minimally invasive procedure consisting of a few tiny injections. Your nurse will determine exactly where to administer these injections to achieve the best results for you. No anesthesia is required, though he or she may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes, and there is no downtime afterward. Discomfort is minimal and brief. Localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness, and/or bleeding/swelling may be associated with the injection.

Will I still be able to make facial expressions? Although you may see a marked improvement, a treatment with Botox® Cosmetic does not make you look like you’ve “had work done.” The muscle activity that causes frown lines is simply reduced, so you can still frown or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows.

How soon will I see a difference?

You can expect to see results within days after your treatment, and the appearance of the area between your brows may continue to improve for up to a week.

Botox is always $6 per Unit