Are your lashes thinner than they used to be? Do they seem lighter and shorter? You’re not alone! Clinical studies in women and men who felt they had inadequate or not enough lashes have shown that over time lashes may become thinner and shorter.

Hypotrichosis is a medical term that means that you don’t have enough eyelashes. Whatever the reason for your hypotrichosis, now there’s good news- your doctor has recommended LATISSE, a safe, effective treatment that has been shown to grow fuller, longer, more luxurious eyelashes in as little as eight weeks.

Latisse is a prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to grow your natural lashes fuller, longer, and darker. Visible results happen as early as 8 weeks. By the end of four months, 78% of participants in a clinical trial noticed that lashes were 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker.

Unlike over the counter eyelash products that condition and moisturize lashes, or mascara that makes your lashes appear longer than they are, Latisse has been clinically proven to actually grow eyelashes grow noticeably fuller, longer, and darker lashes. Latisse is clinically proven and approved in Canada.