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Stem Cell with Chronic Joint Pain With CCTR

Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic has partnered with the CCRT

Together with Dr. Shamma and Dr. Al-Saadon, we specialize in regenerative and transitional medicine. Regenerative medicine is a new and revolutionary field that uses clinical solutions to heal and repair damaged tissues in the body that have been damaged by aging, trauma or disease. Our procedures promote healing, regulate cellular functions, and regenerate damaged tissues. We offer stem cell therapy using autologous stem cells (bone marrow)

At this time, we are focusing our ground breaking work on chronic joint pain, specifically in the knees. Using stem cell technology, we are able to improve the symptoms of arthritis and regenerate tissue damage caused by injury.

The solutions involve using protein and stem cell therapy to promote healing, regulate cellular functions, immunomodulation and regenerate damaged tissue.

Transitional Medicine is a new and rapidly growing field of medicine aimed at accelerating the implementation of new diagnostic and treatment methods, in a safe and efficient way. Those methods would take years to decades to reach the intended patients and communities. Transitional Medicine uses a multidisciplinary, collaborative, safe and evidence-based approach to expedite bench-to-bedside delivery of medical advancement.

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