Vitamin Drip

VitaminDrip is a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins, and active ingredients to promote adrenal function mental acuity, and stress tolerance.

Benefits of IV Therapy include the following:

Guaranteed vitamin absorption. Some medications and issues can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs to function correctly. IV Therapy ensures that vitamins, enzymes, and minerals are absorbed into your bloodstream, which allows your body to utilize them completely.

Boost of energy. IV therapy boosts your immune system to help you feel refreshed and energized, especially when you are suffering from chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, or a common cold.

Instant Re-hydration. Optimal hydration is efficiently and quickly achieved. IV therapy can prevent medical issues such as constipation, kidney stones, and adverse effects on mood and energy.

Fast Treatment Times. IV Therapy at Sarnia Anti-Aging Clinic can be done under one hour. Overlook the St. Clair river and watch the boats lazily float by in a comfortable, discreet environment.

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