Do you notice wrinkles between your brows that don’t go away when you stop frowning or if people think you are angry or tired when you are not? Xeomin can help reduce the facial movements that contribute to wrinkle formation so that you can leave a more positive, lasting impression.

Xeomin is a wrinkle relaxing injectable medication called a neuromodulator. It is approved by health Canada to temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines. Xeomin is the first New Generation wrinkle relaxer, designed with the latest technology and research in Europe. It is manufactured using an advanced manufacturing process that isolates the active ingredient and removes any components not necessary for the therapeutic effect. It has a proven safety record through extensive research and testing. It has been used in Europe since 2005 and is approved for use in over 20 countries around the world.

All neuromodulators temporarily reduce expression lines like the ones on your forehead and between your brows.

All neuromodulators generally work in the same way. Muscle relaxation is usually observed after 2-10 days. The peak effect is then reached after about 2 weeks. The effects persist for approximately 3 months. Xeomin is clinically proven to last up to 16 weeks.

What can I expect when having injections?

A Xeomin cosmetic treatment is simple and fast, the whole treatment is typically completed within 10-15 minutes. The discomfort due to the injection is very minimal and does not require topical anesthetic.

You will be fit for work and your normal routine immediately after having treatment. You can wash your face and apply light makeup without any problem.

Will I look unnatural?

In the hands of a skilled and experienced injector, Xeomin can help you look rested and refreshed- still you, but rejuvenated. You and either our RN, or Dr. Al-Saadon, will together determine a plan to keep your expression natural and animated.