the secret is out…

We are proud to announce that our Physican Dr. Al-Saadon is planning to make Sarnia a manufacturing centre for personal protective equipment (PPE)

Dr.Al-Saadons vision is to open a facility that will create local jobs and make Canada less reliant on importing medical-grade PPE on the global market.

“I hope this is the message that everybody will learn (from the pandemic), that we have to go back to being a country that manufactures. I want to create jobs in the Sarnia Area.”

Omedical Corporation once set up, will be able to produce Level 1, 2, and 3 masks for adult or children. Level 3 is appropriate for medical settings and the others good for everyday use.

“It’s time to not depend on the outside products and time to go back to ‘Made In Canada’ products. We want to prove that Canadians can depend on Canadians. We want to increase manufacturing.”

Catch the full story on the Sarnia Journal :